The Aussie Touch: 6 Advantages of Choosing Australian Made Furniture

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At Caesars, we love our Aussie made products. And, with the way the economy is going it makes more sense than ever to invest in an Australian made piece of furniture for your home.

It goes beyond finding a commodity for your home, it’s about embracing a commitment to quality, ensuring the pieces you purchase are going to last for years to come, supporting local communities, and making environmentally conscious choices.

So, why should you buy Australian made? Here are six reasons that we think are most important!

1. Unrivalled Craftmanship and Quality Assurance

Choosing Aussie made offers you unparalleled craftmanship. Our local manufacturers take so much pride in their work, and they adhere to our stringent Australian quality standards, as well as the exceptionally high standards we at Caesars expect.

They factor in so many variables that overseas manufacturers may not, including how their pieces will survive our arid and often fluctuating climate, the chemicals used in finishing products, fabrics and leathers (most Aussie furniture has next to none, and definitely no carcinogens!) and take into account how the average family will use the furniture in everyday life.

This commitment ensures that the pieces they produce not only look stunning but will also stand the test of time. From design to production, the attention to detail is unmatched, resulting in a product that shows the best in Australian craftmanship.

2. Customisation for your Personal Style

One of our absolute favourite reasons for choosing Australian made is the opportunity for complete customisation!

Our staff have been working in the furniture industry for decades and have the expert knowledge to ensure that your unique piece of furniture will be suitable for your lifestyle.

And each piece is well and truly unique! Made to order furniture allows our manufacturers to craft pieces specifically tailored to your tastes and needs. This personal touch ensures your furniture not only fits seamlessly into your home, but also reflects your individual home and lifestyle.

molmic sofa

3. Supporting Local Businesses and Economy

We love local! By choosing to not only purchase with us, but to also select an Australian made piece, you are actively contributing to the growth of local business and our national economy.

This flows on to support local jobs, fostering economic development, and strengthening communities. This is such a simple, but powerful way to make a positive impact with your purchasing decisions.

4. Long-Term Value and Investment - Furniture for Life!

While it may initially seem like a higher upfront cost, Australian made furniture is an investment in long-term value.

The durability and quality of locally made pieces are absolutely unbeatable, this furniture is built to last our lifestyles and our families, reducing the need for frequent replacements and contributing to a more sustainable and cost-effective approach to furnishing your home overall.

5. Environmental Sustainability

In Australia, there are incredibly strict regulations in place in terms of chemical usage, sourcing of timbers and how the product is manufactured.

The companies we choose to work with responsibly source materials and practice eco-friendly production processes. We love that manufacturers like Brunswick Furniture choose to use recycled timber products to craft their beautiful products and finish with products that are safe enough for a baby to chew on!

Choosing Aussie made also means less transport around the globe, reducing carbon footprints and contributing to a more sustainable future, our manufacturers are aware of this and are constantly working towards reducing their carbon impact, aligning with the increase in consumer demand for environmentally conscious products.

Brunswick Table

6. Transparent and Ethical Production

A hallmark of Australian made furniture, our manufacturers are committed to ethical labour practices and provide transparent information about material sourcing.

In fact, in Australia, timber must be sourced from sustainable resources with companies needing to prove this before they are able to be licenced. Fabrics and Leathers must not contain carcinogenic off-gassing chemicals, our preferred fabric supply companies like Warwick, Zepel and Profile fabrics all have clear information about the longevity of their products available on their swatches and websites using the Martindale Rub Test as well as the materials that go into their unique weaves.

We believe that this truly empowers you to make informed choices, knowing you are supporting companies with integrity and ethical business practices.

In conclusion, choosing to buy Australian made furniture is not just about acquiring a piece of décor, it's about supporting local craftmanship, fostering the Australian economy, and making choices that align with your environmental and ethical considerations. 

It’s about selecting and customising items that are going to be as individual as you are, with expert advice and after sales assistance that surpasses all expectations. It’s about selecting a piece of furniture, for life!